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Carolina Panthers 2011 Kickoff Checklist for Success

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment


The Panthers have a new coach and a new “Entertainer and Icon”. Cam Newton is the future now for the Panthers and their fans and new coach Ron Rivera is hoping that he can bring his winning pedigree to the NFL. The Panthers are in a very difficult spot having to compete with the Saints, Falcons, and Bucs. The Panthers could be a 6 or 7 win team in any other division, but they have the very real potential of starting out 0-6 just based on their division games alone. Combine that with a rookie head coach and a rookie QB and we are going to try and search for the positive outlook for the team that picked first in this year’s draft.


Cam Newton brings his unique talent and winning pedigree to the Panthers

  • Cam Newton will not win a Super Bowl in his rookie season with the Panthers. That much we do know. But what kind of quarterback is Newton going to develop into? Scouts and analysts love to make the inevitable Mike Vick comparisons based on lack of imagination. But a much more accurate comparison might be Randall Cunningham when he was drafted by the Eagles in the mid 1980’s. Cunningham and Newton have similar body types, both are right handed, have howitzers for arms and turn into above average running backs when flushed out of the pocket. Newton is and Cunningham was a load for an opposing defensive player to bring down.
  • Many people remember the Vikings version of Cunningham throwing bombs and jump balls to Randy Moss and Cris Carter. But earlier in his career, with the Eagles, he was a dynamic QB who could run and pass and occasionally boot a punt 95 yards. While Cunningham’s development was probably stunted a little by the lack of a quality running game, Newton benefits from an elite platoon of Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The best friend of a quarterback, especially a rookie, is a solid running game. He’s got a great one. This will enable him to utilize play action and find recently acquired tight end Greg Olsen often. Handing the ball off to a great running game and having a security blanket receiver like Olsen is perfect for a developing QB like Newton. They even have Jeremy Shockey if he can stay healthy. Outside of acquiring Duper and Clayton, the Panthers have given Newton the pieces to help him to a successful rookie season.

DeAngelo Williams returns to form the best running back platoon in the NFL with Jonathan Stewart

  • While the Panthers have other areas of greater need and might part with one of these guys, they will enter the 2011 season boasting as talented a duo as any team in the league at running back with Williams and Stewart. Williams missed the second half of the season due to a sprained foot and the running game struggled without right tackle Jeff Otah for the season. Otah is back and the Panthers line could be a very good one if they stay healthy. The duo of Williams and Stewart has a legitimate chance for 2500 yards, especially if they run as much as anticipated with the rookie QB.
  • Without a proven #2 WR, the Panthers could show a one WR, 2 TE alignment and attack with a power running game. Look for this, especially early in the game and when they are leading as they will try to control the clock whenever possible. Ball control tends to be a euphemism for more running and the Panthers will field a ball control offense this season, which should result in huge rushing numbers for Williams and Stewart.

Intangibles and a new attitude will improve the Panthers

  • It seemed to be a poisoned atmosphere from the start in 2010 for the Panthers. They had moved on from Jake Delhomme and Coach John Fox was a lame duck coach. Then the injuries hit and the offense went from highly mediocre to having no chance. This year, with high quality players returning from injuries, the Panthers will be much more competitive and the enthusiasm that typically comes with a new coaching staff should be infused into the roster.
  • The team that starts 2011 for the Panthers should be much better at game management with a tremendous running game and underrated defense. They have a QB of the future to rally around and a coach who should be around for more than 16 games. While the division is tough, their last place schedule should afford them an opportunity to pick up some wins and gain some confidence. Positive thinking teams tend to play better than teams who are unsure of themselves. Last season’s team had no clue about the future. This one at least has an idea of where they are heading.


Season Outlook

It’s not going to be easy for the Panthers. They probably wish they were back in the NFC West. But one of those playoff contenders in the NFC South will look past the Panthers and give them their biggest win of this season. The schedule appears to provide nine opportunities for the Panthers to win. That will change based on injuries and unexpected performances, but the Panthers should be able to at least double their win total from last season and maybe win a game or two more if things go well. The biggest difference is that opposing defenses will have to show up and try to stop a physical running game every week and the Panthers should be playing a more spirited brand of football without the lame duck Fox. A successful season would have to be 5 or 6 wins, including 1 or 2 in the division and developing Newton into the potential breakout star of 2012.


A parent’s guide to profiting from their little college athlete – with help from Taylor Martinez’ dad Casey

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Today we learned that Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez’ father has a business specializing in selling Cornhuskers apparel. The company is ingeniously called Corn Fed. Just like the cows I like to eat. With a 90% of the proceeds going to the father, Casey, what are the restrictions on any Nebraska alumni or boosters from spending overwhelming amounts of money on these products, no matter what the quality is? Can you see Pandora’s Box opening?

So in honor of the most hypocritical years in the history of the NCAA organization, the following is a guide for parents of high school athletes whose talents are just too good to attend college without a price. Kind of like Cam Newton and Taylor Martinez.

  1. Parents with the entrepreneurial bug need to incorporate a new business designed to sell apparel or anything else with a prospective schools logo. In fact if the parent is really good, they will offer a line of multiple schools apparel in the run-up to signing day. That way each schools boosters can go on a shopping spree and the school with the most apparel sold can claim the services of the little superstar athlete. That’s called a win-win situation.
  2. For those who don’t have that entrepreneurial bug, then plausible deniability is for you. Here’s what you do, you can shake down as many schools and boosters as you like, without heavy scrutiny, especially if you’re kid is the best Heisman candidate in decades, as long as you don’t bring the naïve youngster into the process. Ensuring the purity of the child is a main concern here.

What not to do?

  1. Don’t let your kid go at this alone. Otherwise they might end up like those poor North Carolina players that took money the old fashioned way from agent runners and ended up ineligible.
  2. Don’t let your kid sell their rings, trophies, or anything else they received while at the university.
  3. No tattoos either. Don’t want to have to answer how those expensive pieces of art end up on your kids’ arms and necks.

So there you have it. The days of $100 handshakes and phony summer jobs are a thing of the past. Now just bring your Dad along for the ride. Enjoy.

Five Ohio State Buckeye football players suspended for games next season, but not the Sugar Bowl

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

With another mixed message from the NCAA, today five Buckeyes were suspended for the first five games of next season. Those players are star QB Terrelle Pryor, leading rusher Daniel Herron, second leading receiver Devier Posey, starting LT Mike Adams and backup DL Solomon Thomas. Jordan Whiting was also suspended for next year’s opener. But why not suspend them for their upcoming Sugar Bowl game? Could it that a big money bowl game and ESPN would frown upon star players not being available for the anticipated game?

Pryor stated a few weeks ago that he would be returning to Columbus for his senior season. That was a good move since Pryor would probably not be called in at least the first two rounds of the draft and could improve his standing by returning to school. Like Pryor, all of the other suspended players are juniors. If all of these suspended players were to go to the NFL after this season, The Ohio State would not be punished at all for these transgressions. Pryor and Adams are projected as top 5 at their positions in their draft class (2012) while Posey and Herron are projected as top 10. Thomas isn’t graded as being a potential NFL player.

The players are required to repay thousands of dollars in the form of charitable donations in order to return after the suspensions. But if these players sold the jerseys and rings for money, presumably because they needed it to buy things, what makes the NCAA think that they still have it? And if they don’t have it, where are they going to get the money from? They can’t get jobs during the season and with most players who have NFL potential, they spend most of their free time in the offseason working on their bodies and skills in order to improve their draft stock. When are they going to be able to make the money needed to return? Maybe they will get some winning lottery tickets in their stockings on Saturday and everything will turn out fine.

The most likely scenario here is that all of the players will end of declaring for the NFL draft a year early and leave. That doesn’t help anybody involved in this situation which reintroduces the issue of player compensation for a team that will receive over $13 million for their Sugar Bowl appearance that will feature the talents of these players, without any kind of compensation for them. At the end of the day, as sleazy as some people feel representatives are, college athletes should be able to participate in the free market and be able to have agents and commercial endorsement opportunities. The Cam Newton story has shed light on the underground activities that go on with the recruitment of big time athletes and how these athletes can make millions for schools and billions for conferences while the players are lucky if they can get a pizza on Friday night. The time has come for the players to reap the benefits of this huge financial gravy train.

Urban Meyer steps down at Florida, why did he leave and who replaces him?

Urban Meyer announced today that he will leave Florida after their bowl game on New Year’s Day due to health problems. Meyer made this announcement after the 2009 season, but changed his mind after a day and just took a leave of absence. His six seasons in Gainesville resulted in 2 national championships and a 64-15 record that will improve with a win against Penn State.

There is little reason to believe that Meyer doesn’t have health problems as he has coached for the past 25 years in a profession that demands so much time that you lose sleep, eat poorly, and in a lot of cases, don’t work out enough to balance out his personal health. These are things that Meyer will need to take care of before he takes a step back into the coaching arena. Bill Parcells stepped down 20 years ago from the Giants citing health problems and said that he would never coach again. Three years later, Parcells left the television booth for the moribund New England Patriots. After coaching two more teams and running the Dolphins, Parcells still waffles on his football future.

Last year, Meyer’s departure would have coincided with Tim Tebow’s graduation after one of the greatest college football careers ever. Meyer would have left as a Gator icon and with a tremendous mystique surrounding his, then five years at Florida. Now, after a 7-5 regular season, Meyer’s legacy isn’t as pristine, especially with one-time Gator Cameron Newton having the kind of success this season at SEC rival Auburn as Tebow ever had at Florida and Alabama’s Nick Saban has taken over as the Alpha Dog of head coaches in the SEC. That beating the Tide gave the Gators back in October had to weigh on Meyer.

But this won’t affect the demand for Meyer once he decides that he’s ready to reenter coaching, at the college or pro level. Meyer will always be remembered fondly by Gator Nation as long as he doesn’t take another college job after leaving Florida. This means Meyer will most likely go to the NFL in a year or two after recharging his batteries and adjusting his lifestyle to better suit the demands of the coaching profession. Where to? Who knows, but wherever he goes in the NFL, the rumors of a Tebow and Meyer reunion will be sure to follow. In the meantime, look for Meyer to possibly hook up with an NFL team in a consulting/front office type role to keep him involved in the game before taking an NFL job. He’s spent time with Bill Belichick in the past and don’t be surprised if he spends a lot of time next summer at the Patriots training camp learning more about the NFL game.

Who are the contenders to replace Meyer?

Dan Mullen, Head Coach, Mississippi State:

Mullen is in his second season at Mississippi State after coming over from Florida where he was the offensive coordinator. Mullen has been pretty good in his two seasons in Starkville, but would not only listen to the Gators, he probably would accept the job if offered. Unless Athletic Director Jeremy Foley is looking for a big name (i.e. Mike Shanahan or another NFL type), Mullen has to be considered the favorite.

Chris Peterson, Head Coach, Boise State:

Peterson has been incredible during his five years as head coach in Boise. What is there left for Peterson to accomplish there? The BCS will most likely continue to exclude schools like Boise State from the possibility of playing for a national championship and there aren’t many jobs out there that can legitimately say that they’re actually better than Boise State right now. Peterson might face the same choice that Urban Meyer faced six years ago when he chose to leave potential BCS-busting Utah to go rejuvenate the Gator program. If Peterson feels that the Broncos can eventually play for a national championship, he would most likely stay. But if he doesn’t feel that way, he might decide to go for a championship in Gainesville or at another historically top college team (Michigan?).

Bob Stoops, Head Coach, Oklahoma:

This seems to be a stretch, despite going to OU from Florida. If he leaves Norman, it’s most likely to the NFL. Oklahoma doesn’t take a backseat to anybody in college football as far as history goes and there isn’t a season where the Sooners aren’t talked about as a championship contender.

Brian Schottenheimer, Offensive Coordinator, New York Jets:

Here’s a possible dark horse candidate as Brian S. is doing a very good job with Mark Sanchez with the Jets and is a Gator alum as he backed up Danny Wuerffel in the 90’s. The next step for an NFL offensive coordinator is a head coaching job, so this wouldn’t be a huge leap. The key for Schottenheimer would be surrounding himself with a lot of college coaches who are used to the recruiting grind, regulations and have the contacts needed to get the best players.

Jon Gruden, Talking Head, ESPN:

Can we stop the Gruden to college rumors, please? He’s obviously made lots of friends at the Worldwide Leader as he shows up on every college/pro coaching search list, despite the poor fits. ‘

The guess here is Mullen gets the job and probably won’t coach the Bulldogs in their New Year’s Day bowl game against Michigan. The bold choice, from this perspective, would be Chris Peterson and his incredible offensive coaching creativity. Both choices would be solid and could lead the Gators back to the championship.

Week 14 College Football Weekend Recap

Thoughts on this weekend’s play as I root for something to happen that bust up the BCS National Championship…

1. Oregon beat Oregon State 37-20: The Ducks finished the job yesterday and completed an undefeated regular season by winning the Civil War game against the Beavers. The only undetermined thing for the Ducks is where LaMichael James finishes in the Heisman voting.

2. Auburn beat South Carolina 56-17: Where was the Mercy Rule? This actually could have been worse which tells you how mediocre the Gamecocks are, but also how good Auburn and Cam Newton is. Newton will be confirmed as the best player in college football next Saturday unless something comes up about his recruitment before then. That national championship, while not the one I wanted, is going to be fantastic and the scoring should be early and often.

3. TCU was idle.

4. Stanford was idle.

5. Wisconsin was idle.

6. Ohio State was idle.

7. Arkansas was idle.

8. Michigan State was idle, but Coach Mark D’Antonio was not. He was out campaigning for a BCS bowl berth with a legitimate argument that they beat Wisconsin and Ohio State did not. It would be interesting if Ohio State was given the shaft because of that and E. Gordon Gee’s comments about the non-BCS qualifying schools.

9. Oklahoma beat Nebraska 23-20: The Sooners came back from 17-0 down in the first half and beat their longtime rivals in the last Big 12 championship game. That puts Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl against, most likely, the Big East champion UConn. The early line is Oklahoma minus 35.

10. LSU was idle.

Other notables:

11. Boise State beat Utah State 50-14: The Broncos completed their season at 11-1 which included the best out of conference win in all of college football against Virginia Tech. Could they beat another top team? Nobody will ever know because the corrupt BCS system will keep the Broncos out and we’ll have to watch the entitled programs of the SEC and Big Ten in the top bowl games. Boise State will be playing an unranked opponent with a .500 record or from a mediocre conference. My alternative playoff solution will be unveiled later today.

Virginia Tech beat Florida State 44-33: Tech goes to the Orange Bowl after beating the Seminoles. The Hokies haven’t lost since their first week of the season. That first week consisted of two games and torpedoed any chance of competing for a national championship. You can be sure that the Hokies won’t be scheduling 2 games in a five day period ever again.

UConn beat South Florida 19-16: The Huskies head to their first BCS bowl game after beating South Florida on a last second field goal. Ten years after moving their program to the top level, UConn wins their first major conference championship. I don’t know about anybody else, but I can’t wait for that natural rivalry between TCU and UConn to develop. Heck, they both have a “U” and a “C” in their names to fight over. UConn will probably face Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

Miami (OH) beat Northern Illinois 26-21: The MAC championship goes to Miami after their last minute comeback win over the Huskies. Although their first round game will be tough, Miami should be able to compete with Oregon for about a quarter. Oh, that’s not happening. Sorry. Miami heads to a bowl game that you will only care about if you’re doing a pool.

In another note, the Sisters of the Poor Conference (WAC) had their fourth place team, Fresno State, beat their Big Ten opponent Illinois on Friday night. No comment out of Columbus after that game.

If I had a Heisman ballot, it would look like this:

1. Cameron Newton QB Auburn

2. Kellen Moore QB Boise State

3. LaMichael James RB Oregon

That’s the final College Football Weekly Recap of the season. My alternative, playoff based solution to determining the national championship will be unveiled on Monday.

Cam Newton “Knew Nothing”, will play in SEC championship on Saturday

December 2, 2010 3 comments

Go War Eagle!

Sergeant Schultz Newton is eligible to play for Auburn on Saturday. Why? Because he “knew nothing”. If you haven’t read about this, here it is. With Auburn’s BCS championship game hopes riding on Saturday’s SEC championship game, the NCAA says that even though they have evidence of Cam Newton’s father, Cecil, asking middleman Kenny Rogers for at least $180,000 in order for Cam Newton to play football at Mississippi State.

Like many others who have followed this story, I’m confused. Why? The NCAA bylaw 12.3 discusses the issue of agents. The following bylaws under 12.3 apply in this situation:


12.3.1 General Rule. An individual shall be ineligible for participation in an intercollegiate sport if he or she ever has agreed (orally or in writing) to be represented by an agent for the purpose of marketing his or her athletics ability or reputation in that sport. Further, an agency contract not specifically limited in writing to a sport or particular sports shall be deemed applicable to all sports, and the individual shall be ineligible to participate in any sport. Representation for Future Negotiations. An individual shall be ineligible per Bylaw 12.3.1 if he or she enters into a verbal or written agreement with an agent for representation in future professional sports negotiations that are to take place after the individual has completed his or her eligibility in that sport. Benefits from Prospective Agents. An individual shall be ineligible per Bylaw 12.3.1 if he or she (or his or her relatives or friends) accepts transportation or other benefits from: (Revised: 1/14/97)

(a) Any person who represents any individual in the marketing of his or her athletics ability. The receipt of such expenses constitutes compensation based on athletics skill and is an extra benefit not available to the student body in general; or

(b) An agent, even if the agent has indicated that he or she has no interest in representing the student-athlete in the marketing of his or her athletics ability or reputation and does not represent individuals in the student-athlete’s sport. (Adopted: 1/14/97)

The NCAA declared today that although Cecil Newton was shaking down prospective institutions of higher learning, through a third party (Rogers), that because Cam had “no knowledge” of this taking place, he is still eligible. So that’s what the North Carolina players did wrong. They didn’t utilize their parents to do the dirty work while they innocently stood by and didn’t reap any benefits. Ok, I believe now that nothing happened here.

But that’s the problem. We know that something happened here. But because of the archaic NCAA rules and regulations that are designed to suppress the rewards for their “student-athletes” while signing multi-billion dollar television deals with the networks, any instance of an employee, excuse me, student-athlete, wait, parent of a student-athlete trying to give their family a little extra to help their family get by, typically results in that student-athlete losing eligibility, paying back compensation, or both. This is patently un-American and ridiculous. If an engineering student at Auburn invented something and received a patent for that invention, they would reap the financial benefits despite their “student-student” status.

I’ve already laid out my plan for integrating agents and potential endorsements into the mix for these collegiate athletes who are sometimes exploited without representation by these institutions of higher learning. I know my plan isn’t perfect, but the status quo is abysmally one-sided towards the universities and the coaches. It’s going to take a high profile situation to initiate the discussion about this topic in order to get a better system. Hopefully that becomes the good that comes out of this chaotic situation.

Week 13 College Football Weekend Recap

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Thoughts on this weekend’s play as I root for TCU to bust up the BCS National Championship. Where have you gone Boise State?

1. Oregon beat Arizona 48-29: The Ducks continued their onslaught of Pac 10 competition. Even when an opponent can slow them down in one half, the Ducks come storming back and this week they scored 34 points in the second half. It’s tough to win when you give up 389 yards on the ground, which is what Arizona did. LaMichael James is fading in his bid for the Heisman Trophy, but it looks like he might get the national championship. All that’s left for the Ducks is the Oregon State Beavers in the “Civil War” game. TCU beat the Beavers in September, and would love to see the Beavers end their season with a win.

2. Auburn beat Alabama 28-27: What a great comeback by the presumptive Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton and the Tigers! They looked like road kill midway when Mark Ingram broke that long run that ended with him fumbling out of the end zone. Auburn was without two defensive starters who were suspended for the first half for fighting in their last game against Georgia. Their defense looked completely different when they returned in the second half. The Auburn defense forced two turnovers and two field goals in the red zone which provided the difference in the final score. The mark of a good team is to win despite the other team playing better. That’s what happened on Friday in Tuscaloosa. The only on-field barrier to Auburn playing in the BCS national championship is South Carolina next Saturday in the SEC championship game in Atlanta. Off the field, who knows if, or how many more Cam Newton stories will surface as they get closer to a championship.

3. TCU beat New Mexico 66-17: The Horned Frogs completed their perfect regular season by rolling the Lobos. This game was relatively close at halftime before the Frogs outscored the Lobos 35-0 in the second half. A loss by either Oregon or Alabama should get TCU their dream shot at the title. Otherwise, they most likely play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl in what should be an explosive matchup.

4. Boise State lost to Nevada 34-31: A shocker in Reno! Kicker Kyle Brotzman missed two chip shot field goals at the end of regulation and in overtime giving the Wolfpack the upset. The loss to Nevada will definitely keep the Broncos out of the BCS championship discussion and will probably keep them out of a BCS bowl game. Hello Humanitarian Bowl. What a joke this system is. Hey Ohio State President Gee, if your school had the courage to schedule the Broncos, they would show you what a dynamic, exciting offense is all about. Boise State still has the best out of conference win at the BCS level this season in their win over Virginia Tech. Maybe the Fiesta Bowl takes a chance on the two-time Fiesta Bowl champion? Oh, they need to beat Utah State next week first.

5. LSU lost to Arkansas 31-23: Arkansas’ quarterback Ryan Mallett dropped by from his own 20 with 6 seconds remaining in the first half and threw a strike to Cobi Hamilton at midfield and Hamilton broke a few tackles and made a few more defenders miss as he ran the remaining 50 yards for an 80 yard touchdown pass to end the first half. That was the difference in a close game that was close throughout. Presumably, Arkansas would jump over LSU for a BCS slot and go to the Sugar Bowl if Auburn wins next week. Not so fast, my friend as Lee Corso would bellow. Remember that the Sugar Bowl is in New Orleans and LSU is the home team. They both have the same 10-2 record and there will be a lot of local pressure on the Sugar Bowl to invite Les Miles’ team.

6. Stanford beat Oregon State 38-0: Stanford continues to roll and has really only played one bad half this season. Stanford can claim an automatic BCS bowl game by finishing in the top 4 of the BCS standings. If they do this, the rumor is that they will head to Miami and the Orange Bowl. They got two teams in front of them who lost, but, will they hold of Wisconsin in the standings?

7. Wisconsin beat Northwestern 70-23: The Wildcats aren’t great, but they did win 7 games. The Badgers are a beast and you kind of pine for the old days when the Pac 10 and Big Ten winner would meet in Pasadena before the BCS. The only way we see Oregon and Wisconsin matchup in Pasadena is if the Ducks lose next week. Otherwise, it’s most likely TCU. A wildcard would be Stanford if Auburn lost and TCU went to the championship game. The Rose Bowl would undoubtedly want that Big Ten/Pac 10 matchup if given the chance.

8. Ohio State beat Michigan 37-7: Rich Rodriguez went 0-3 against The Ohio State University and will probably not get another chance. The Buckeyes took control in the second quarter and were never challenged after that. Ohio State is rumored to be the choice for the Sugar Bowl as long as the standings don’t turn upside down and send the Buckeyes to Pasadena.

9. Oklahoma State lost to Oklahoma 47-41: What a wild 4th quarter in the Bedlam game. Forty combined points made for an exciting finish. Oklahoma finally went on the road and got a good win against the Cowboys. That sets up the final Big 12 title game next week. There’s a 99% chance that it will be the classic Big 8 rival game between Nebraska and Oklahoma. They should have Barry Switzer and Tom Osborne for the pregame coin toss. The winner will go to a BCS bowl game, probably the Fiesta, while the loser will miss out.

10. Michigan State beat Penn State 28-22: Sparty completed their best regular season in 20 years as they tied for the Big Ten title. Despite that, they not only miss out on the Rose Bowl, they will miss out on the BCS altogether. I’d bet if you got coach D’Antonio under the truth serum, he’d beg for a playoff system. The Spartans head to Florida, Tampa or Orlando, to face an SEC team.

Other BCS Notes:

Virginia Tech will face Florida State in the ACC title game after NC State lost to Maryland. Virginia Tech became the first team to go undefeated in ACC play since Florida State in 2000.

The Big East stinks and they’ll be probably be providing an unranked team to the Fiesta Bowl, especially if it’s UConn. This just goes to show that college football is not a meritocracy, but a bureaucratic mess. Right now, 7-4 UConn is in first place and just has to win next week at South Florida. Second place West Virginia will finish at 9-3 if they win and goes to the Fiesta if UConn loses. That’s what the BCS needs to happen to save face.

South Carolina will play Auburn in the SEC championship game. They only go to a BCS bowl game with a win.

After next week’s bowl selection, I will be unveiling my alternative playoff system to the BCS that isn’t perfect, but provides a much better, and fairer, system to determine the national champion.

You can find all of the information used to compute the BCS rankings below, please direct your hate mail to the owners of these computer rankings:

BCS selection procedures

BCS Poll

Components (not including AP Poll)

Harris Interactive Poll

Anderson & Hester

Richard Billingsley

Colley Matrix

Kenneth Massey

Jeff Sagarin

Peter Wolfe

These are the hated components that replace the potential on-field playoff that the great sport deserves.